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Big Brother Vip, Luca Onestini and Nikita Pelizon: Gianmarco rejects flirting


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Gianmarco Onestini does not believe in the interest that Nikita Pelizon shows towards her brother Luca in Big Brother Vip’s house.

Passing through the red door Big Brother VIP, Luca Onestini caught the attention of Nikita Pelison who, by ending a relationship she’d kept hidden for months, let the newcomer know her interest. According to Gianmarco Onestini, however, the model would not be as outspoken as he would like to believe about her feelings for her brother. Here’s what he showed Day 5.

Big Brother Vip, Gianmarco Onestini exposes Nikita Pelison?

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Among the most beloved competitors seventh episode of Big Brother Vip there is no doubt, Nikita Pelizon. Model, tired of Oriana Marzoli’s provocationswent through hard times when some competitors attacked her Channel 5 reality show, but she consoled herself to find that she was always among the favorites of the public. Putting an end to her secret affair by not too secretly accusing her boyfriend of wanting to use her for popularity now that she is in Gf Vip’s house, Nikita was blinded by the exit of Luca Onestini. Bolognese is officially single and Nikita she did not hide the fact that she had a certain interest in him, although Luke never went too far and continues to buy time, even now that isolated from other residents after contracting Covid.

During the last edition of the program, hosted by Alfonso Signorini, they were able to greet each other and talk, and then Pelison Confessed to George Choupilan about what she expects from Luka’s return to the house, admitting that she is afraid that she caught one sensational crush. George forced to listen to his abusive father’s message, has shown to be a good listener, but most of the public believes that the young powerful man, in turn, is in love with Nikita and does not know how to confess his romantic interest, ultimately limiting himself to friendship. Meanwhile, the living room guest Day 5, Gianmarco Onestini Barbara d’Urso questioned him about a possible flirtation involving his brother, and he admitted to feeding several doubts about the sincerity of a beautiful model.

“Let’s say there is something about Nikita that I didn’t really like. So, for example: this is a girl who, when she came, said that she was engaged. Then, a few days later, she said that she was not engaged, but just getting to know a person, Biki reports. Subsequently, for example, he said that Dal Moro did not even know him, and then it turned out that instead, as an inconsistency, he also posted comments on his photos on social networks. Third, he flirted a little with George Choupilan.”

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Gianmarco thinks Nikita wants to take advantage of Luca’s popularity gain even more recognition during your journey to Big Brother VIP, thanks to the fact that creating a love story at home creates a passionate fandom, ready to do anything to save a couple. Will Luca heed his brother Gianmarco’s advice and will he go with lead feet or decide to go deeper with Nikita?

Find out the latest news at Big Brother VIP.

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