Post: Independent Spirit Awards: dominating everything and everywhere at once, eight nominations.

Nominations were announced for the Independent Spirit Awards, which snubbed “The Whale”, awarded “Everything Everywhere” and added “Bones and All That” by Luca Guadagnino. All nominations.

p>Candidates announced Independent Spirit Awards, one of the most important film awards and in some cases a prelude to the Oscars. This year to stock up nominationsWell eightwas the most unexpected film of the year, i.e. All Everywhere All at oncewhile the sensation catches the eye exclusion of “The Whale” by Darren Aronofskyas many gave Brendan Fraser among the favorites for his fine performance. 7 nominations they went to TarFilm about Todd Field With Cate Blanchettbye three they went to Bones and all from Luca Guadagnino. The Spirits Awards will be presented on March 4 at a beachside ceremony at the Santa Monica Pier. But let’s look at all the nominations together.

Independent Spirit Awards 2023: all nominations

  • Best movie (prize goes to the manufacturer): Bones and all, All Everywhere All at once, Our Father, the Devil, resin, women talk
  • Best Debut (award goes to director and producer): after the sun from Charlotte Wells, Emily the Outlaw from John Patton Ford, Inspection from elegans bratton, Mouse from Antoneta Alamat Kusidianovich, Palm trees and power lines Jamie Duck
  • John Cassavetes Award (Best Film Under $1 Million, Writer, Director and Producer Award: African Desperate from Martin Sims, Love song from Max Walker-Silverman, The cathedral from Ricky D’Ambrose, Saint Amy from Aracely Lemos, Something in the dirt from Justin Benson
  • Best Director; Todd FieldTar: cogonadAfter Yang; Daniel Kwan and Daniel ScheinertAll Everywhere All at once: Sarah PolleyWomen’s conversation; Halina ReinBodies Bodies Bodies
  • Best Screenplay: Lena DunhamKatherine named Birdie, Todd fieldTar, cogonadAfter Yang, Daniel Kwan and Daniel ScheinertAll Everywhere All At Once Sarah Polleywomen talk
  • Best First ScreenplayStory by: Joel Kim Booster fire islandJamie Dack, Audrey Findlay Palm trees and power linesKD Davila, EmergencySarah DeLapp Bodies Bodies BodiesJohn Patton Ford Emily the Outlaw
  • Best Main Character: Cate BlanchettTar, Dale DickeyLove song, my gothpearl, Regina Hall, Horn for Jesus. save your soul Paul MescalAfter the sun Aubrey PlazaEmily The Outlaw, Jeremy PopeInspection, Andrew RiseboroughLeslie, Taylor RussellBones and all Michelle YeohAll Everywhere All at once
  • Better Support: Jamie Lee CurtisAll Everywhere All At Once Brian Tyree Henry, Nina HossTar, Brian d’Arcy JamesThe cathedral, Ke Hai QuanAll Everywhere All At Once Trevante RhodesBruiser, Theo RossiEmily The Outlaw, Mark RylanceBones and all Jonathan Tuckerpalm trees and power lines. Gabrielle UnionInspection
  • Best Breakthrough Performance (new prize): Frankie CorioAfter the sun Grace FilipovichMurin, Stephanie HsuAll Everywhere All At Once Lily McInerneypalm trees and power lines, Daniel Zolgadrifunny pages
  • Best Photo: Tar, Marina, after the sun, Neptune Frost
  • Best Editing: The cathedral, Marseille Shell in shoes, after the sun, All Everywhere All at once, Tar
  • Robert Altman Award (film director, director of casting and cast): women talk
  • Best Documentary (director and producer): All that breathes, All the beauty and bloodshed, house made of shards, Midwives, Riotsville, USA
  • Best International Film (to director): Empress corset from Marie Kreuzer, Joyland Saim Sadiq, Leonor will never die Martika Ramirez Escobar Return to Seoul Davy Chow Holy Omer Alice Diop
  • Producers Award to Liz Cardenas, Tori Lenosky, David Grove Churchill Views
  • Who to Look At Award: Adamma Ebo, Horn for Jesus. Save your soul. Nikiata Jusunanny, Aracely LemosSaint Amy
  • “Truer than Fiction” Award: Isabelle Castromia,Reed DavenportI didn’t see you thereRebecca HunttBeba.

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