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Post: Men and women: Ida Platano and Alessandro Vicinanza leave the program, Federica Aversano – spring!


Ida Platano and Alessandro Vicinanza decided in the episode of “Men and Women”, which aired today on Canale 5: they will leave the show together. Riccardo Guarnieri doesn’t take it very well.

AT new edition of the series “Men and Women”live today Channel 5, Ida Platano As well as Alexander Proximity announce that they have decided let’s leave together the transmission of Maria De Filippicausing a violent reaction Richard Guarnieri. Bye Gemma Galgani has moved for friend, Federica Aversano announces his intention to leave the throne.

Men and women, Ida and Alessandro are an official couple!

AT new edition of the series “Men and Women”, Maria De Filippi makes fun of Tina Cipollarishowing that she has a new fiancé: in fact it is about Biagio DiMarofamous knight of the throne who returned to the program Channel 5. The place for Ida Platano and Alessandro Vicinanza. The lady says that she was visited several times by a Neapolitan, whom she also invited to spend the night in her house. Alessandro admits that he can no longer live without Ida, who admits that outside of the studio and away from the controversy, their story took off. The couple decides leave men and women togetherkissing passionately in the center of the studio, and then dancing hard, looking at each other with loving eyes.

Proximity and Platano delighted and they don’t hide it Gemma Galgani was very touched for her friend, while Gianni Sperti lavished new compliments on the Brescia lady, declaring that it was a bad luck for those who always doubted the veracity of this couple. Riccardo Guarnieri declines to commentbut it is clear that he is quite annoyed, while Roberta Di Padua says she’s skeptical as does Tina Cipollari, who puts the couple’s expiration date at the latest in a month. Before leaving the studio forever Ida apologizes to Armando Incarnato with whom he argued.

We then move on to classic throne with Federica Aversano. The Neapolitan tronista receives a gift from Alessandro Rausa who carries her over with a gift for her son Luciano and then welcomes her fiancés Stefano and Federico back to the studio after the controversy. While the two suitors pay their respects to Federica on the occasion of her birthday, she surprises everyone by admitting that she is. no more incentive to continue on your way to men and womendeclaring willingness to leave. Tina lashes out at Aversanoaccusing her of never showing any interest in any of the suitors she teased, wasting everyone’s time while Gianni thinks the tronista found someone outside. The Neapolitan defends herself by admitting that she feels limited at this point in her life and wants to leave so as not to ridicule the editors.

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