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Suddenly It’s Christmas: Upside Down Christmas Comedy ‘For Families and About Families’ Coming to Prime Video


Director Francesco Patierno and translators Diego Abatantuono, Violante Placido and Sarah Ciocca have released the film to the press, which will premiere on December 1 via streaming on the Amazon platform. Here’s what they told us.

In cinema, thanks to the pandemic, a lot is changing, and very quickly.
One of the things that has changed is, for example, the genre of films that were made in Italy during the period Christmas: in other words, we have left behind the cinepanettone traditionally understood to instead meet the type of comedy meant for the whole family. and that Christmas, as it happens in many other countries, brings back the desire to be together and good feelings.
This is the case Suddenly Christmasdebut film live December 1st on Prime Video and which tells a story in which a lot of things are upside down: first of all it is about Christmas celebrated in the Alps, yes, but on August 15, and then it is a film “about conflicts and hidden things that adults cannot face and children who are lucky, they understand everything and break the plans of adults, and with their imagination and courage they put everything in order again, ”so to speak. Violante Placidoone of the main characters.
AT Suddenly Christmas actress – Alberta, a careerist in crisis with her husband Giacomo (Lodo Genzi), an aspiring actor. Together they carry their daughter Chiara (Sara Chokka) on vacation in Grandpa Lorenzo’s mountain hotel (Diego Abatantuono), in the hope that he will be able to announce to the child about their imminent separation. Lorenzo, for his part, is in crisis because the hotel he loves so much will probably be forced to sell, but first he will do everything for his beloved niece, including giving her a happy Christmas… in mid-August.

“Ever since I made my debut in films of a completely different genre, I have always been drawn to the challenge of more industrial cinema,” says Francesco Patierno.the director of this film, who had previously worked on the much rougher and more authorial cinematic side, signing titles such as Pater Familiasdocumentaries like Naples ’44but which is still not new to comedy. In this film, he explained Patierno, “we must try to reach the general public, but qualitatively; you have to tell a story that is aimed at everyone, but at the same time strives for a minimum of depth.
To do this, Patierno assembled a cast, which, in addition to the names mentioned, also includes Lodo Genzi, Antonio Catania, Anna Galiena, Nino Frassica, Michele Foresta and Gloria Guidawho returns to acting after decades of absence from the screen. “Actors play a crucial role,” says the director. “They allow you to savor the nuances that are inside the scenes, even those that seem simple and not simple.”

Having such theatrical names, Patierno he didn’t want to “keep them under control, because space for improvisation is fundamental” but kept his focus on a story “one must always follow” that he wanted to tell, using French and American comedies as a model.

“This is not the first time I have worked with Francesco,” says Abatantuono. “We are friends, we know our strengths and weaknesses of character, and our relationship is the relationship of two people who respect each other and have the courage to say something to each other. We oppose each other, on set, we don’t always agree, but in the end the result is right.”

An actor who says he’s the right age to be a grandfather even in movies (“I have three grandchildren and I’m a professional grandfather and I think actors should interpret their age”) talks about Sudden Christmas as a movie . “For children and for everyone.”
Patierno he sees it as “a film for families, but above all about families”, in which he was close to something that “upturned the plane of characters, with children who are adults here and adults who are children.”

On set, according to Violante Placido, “there was a beautiful harmony between different personalities.”, harmony thanks to Francesco, who likes to work in a serene and trusting atmosphere, has assembled a good team and is a director who trusts his actors and leaves them time to experiment.” In this way, in his words, “you can distinguish between characters with a lot of nuance.”
“It’s much easier to work with capable people, acting takes a different turn right away, as does realism,” he comments. Abatantuonowho was generous with compliments to his young niece from the film, Sara Chokka. “On the set,” he says, “I called her Anna: Magnani gave her a mustache.”

Finally, he intervened in the decision to release the film directly on the platform. Guglielmo Marchetti producer and managing director infamous picturesa company that produces a movie, distributes it to cinemas, and also handles the exhibition.
With the utmost clarity Marchetti he wanted to repeat it “technological innovation is an ongoing revolution that we cannot stop”, and that while cinema is an art and cinemas remain the favored place to see films, “being an entrepreneur means making ends meet.” When no one knew the movie would end Prime Video during filming “in the face of a crisis, you have to make choices based on common sense, and when you have strong doubts about Christmas and returning to cinema, you wonder if it would not be better to hire an excellent cinematographer capable of respecting the artistic value of works and innovation they represent.”

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