Post: Men and women, Federica Aversano after farewell to the throne: “The boys didn’t take me, and I didn’t get caught”

Federica Aversano commented on the decision to leave the throne of a man and a woman.

Federica Aversanoin today’s appointment Men and women, he decided to leave the throne.

Men and women, Federica Aversano says: “I didn’t find anyone who could make my heart beat.”

After airing,‘a former admirer of Matteo Ranieri, he explained to Whitty’s cameras the reason for his decision:

“It should make sense for me to stay there. I’m definitely leaving here saying:I tried anyway“. I think honesty is always best, it’s the greatest form of respect for me, which I did. I’m not as reserved as I was before I became a mom, and maybe that’s also what keeps me from being that way. Today’s Federica leaves with extra experience in her pocket and the knowledge to stop when things don’t work out, especially when it comes to feelings. Of course, I will not stop believing in love. Sometimes it happens when you least expect it, so if it does, then so be it. But now I want to think about myself. I have not found a person who will make my heart beat, but I have no regrets, zero.!

“You have to understand your limits, you have to stop when you realize you can’t. Partly because of the situations that I experience on the street, partly, perhaps because the guys misunderstood me, and I didn’t get caught. ”

Federica she also returned to social media, also clarifying that she does not have relationships on the street, as whispered on the network a few days ago:

“First of all, I wanted to thank you because I received a lot of messages. It makes me really weird because in three months I’m practically detoxified, but I’m so satisfied, I swear. because I read so much… but if I cared about something else… I’m wallpapering Italy, I’m putting up billboards with this poraccio!!

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