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Friends 22, Ludovica in tears for Alessandra Celentano. What happened?


This afternoon in Amici, Ludovica was faced with the task assigned to her by Alessandra Celentano. However, the result and the teacher’s words made her burst into tears. That’s what happened.

During today’s afternoon commercial Friendsdancer Louis she completed the task given to her by the teacher Alessandra Celentano. A difficult moment not only for the performance, but also for the background that preceded it.

Ludovica burst into tears after the performance

In today’s day ad Friends, Louis she showed her performance as a task given to her Alessandra Celentano. However, before he saw his performance, there were already some negative speculations that hinted at what was to come.

In fact, in the letter accompanying the assignment, Celentano clearly indicated what clothes Ludovica should wear.: Black leggings and a low-rise top, as her performance required something different from the usual hip-hop pants that the dancer is used to wearing. About this choice of clothes, Ludovica spoke negativelybecause wearing them made her feel ridiculous and ridiculed. Position that annoyed the teacher Celentano even before the dancer showed up at the studio to dance.

After the performance Louisdecided to dress at the direction of the teacher, fought hard with Alessandra Celentano, precisely because of his attitude. The dance teacher noticed the black leggings that the dancer was wearing. Not they were the ones he gave herbecause, according to the student, they were too low.

At the end of the show, Celentano asked her about the words spoken in RVM:

“I don’t understand all these tragedies because of a pair of leggings, including black ones. I gave you an outfit suitable for this type of choreography. Then what about me, Ludovica Grimaldi, who has to wear black leggings. this is? presumption?”

The dancer immediately found herself in a quandarybut he tried to defend himself:

“This is absolutely not presumptuous, I would never allow myself. But for me, with my body, wearing such trousers made me anxious. And when I say tease, I don’t mean her, but what I would feel, let others look at you.”

The dance teacher advised her to change her attitude because the advertisement Friends you also have to do what you don’t like. But that’s not all, because Celentano is Emanuel Lo commented negatively on his performance, deeming it inappropriate. Because besides technique, he emphasized Celentanothere were a lot of people who could have done it very well, but instead it was a failure.

“Of course, improving technology is important, but you stayed at home. The issue has not been resolved.”

The teacher’s words, along with the stress of the week, brought Louis in tearsbye Emanuel Lo he tried to console her, but to no avail.

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