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Post: Avatar: Waterway, James Cameron reveals that the idea for the saga came to him in a dream.


As we wait for Avatar 2: La via dell’acqua, James Cameron, ironically, revealed that the idea for the Avatar saga came to him in a dream when he was 19 years old. Just to reply to those who told him they copied it.

Fans are looking forward to Avatar 2: Waterway about ten years: the film will be in theaters from December 14As well as James Cameron began advertising the film in national newspapers. In an interview with GQ, he said How did he get the idea? at the base Avatar Saga, or rather the proposal that became the spark of that world. In a dream. But when?

James Cameron: “I dreamed about Avatar when I was 19”

After the gigantic record-breaking success of the first Avatars (2,923,000,000 dollars collected in the world!!!), some time after the release, accusations of plagiarism per James Cameron, film director and screenwriter. This inevitably happens when a product receives an economic valuation of this magnitude, but the day before Avatar: Path of Water James wants to cut off the bull’s head, telling in an interview with GQ when and how the Avatar embryo was born. A very, very long time ago…

At nineteen I woke up with a dream about it bioluminescent forest With trees that look like fiber optic lampsthis is a river that emitted bioluminescent particlesand purple moss which caught fire when you walked over it. And these lizards that didn’t look like much until they took off and then turned into these rotating fans, as if they were living frisbees, descending and landing on something. Was all in a dream. […] I woke up very excited and drew it. I own Drawing. It saved us ten complaints. For every successful film, there’s always some wig-over-tinfoil nutcase who thinks you got the idea out of his head with a thought. There were ten or eleven of them. So I showed this drawing I drew when I was nineteen, when I went to Fullerton Junior College, and I said, “See that? See how the trees glow? And they left. […] I have my own private streaming platformbest bullshit around. He works every night. Free.

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