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Federico Fashion Style, storm for his alleged double life: “You lie so much”


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The storm around Federico Fashion Style, the hairdresser of VIPs, does not subside. Alessandro Rosica, a well-known influencer, accused him of a double life and that he had lied about divorcing his wife Letizia. That’s what happened.

On the Fashion style Federico, a famous VIP hairdresser, a storm has broken out that is not going to subside. His divorce from his wife Letitia Spanking it doesn’t stop generating rumors and chatter. Alessandro Rosica on Instagram.

Alessandro Rosica vs. Federico Fashion Style: “You’re only lying”

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Recently Rosica could tell that Federico Lauri led a double life for a while.A very serious accusation and one that goes against the image of a loving family man and lover of traditional values ​​that Federico Fashion Style has always claimed the title.

Double life allegations Rosika were met with a lot of anger from the hairdresser Anzioas promised to bring the case to court.

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But the influencer did not stop at these threats and continued to hammer Federico Lauritelling him to finally reveal who he created a double life with:

“If it’s over between them, it’s because he had a different life. He had another person close to him for many years, I say this when I talk about a double life. He is afraid of my statements. he, male, female, gay, straight, trans, I don’t say. It is clear that they were not together, but it is not true that they broke up 3 years ago. Either he says he has always been single, or he was single until a few months ago, you decide.She doesn’t work with him anymore either, I assure you. Guys, this is all fake, none of them are holy. Letizia knew about Federico’s double life and didn’t like it. Or rather, he couldn’t bear to have it all in public. There was more friendship between them than anything else. The young gentleman is still in Naples and everyone knows it. In Naples there are only bonnies about which you write to me. Indeed, what I say is good. I don’t wish evil on Federico, but he attacked Letizia and me. I don’t really have a relationship with him, but he shouldn’t make me look like a liar.”

Very heavy words Federico Fashion Style definitely couldn’t resist. And he did it in a very long video in which he accused the mother of his daughter, Sophieto prevent him from seeing the child:

I always work, every day, and I have to wait until 9 pm to hear from my daughter, whom you know very well, this is what I love most in my life, because her mother, Mrs. no one dictated the rule that my daughter and I can hear it at 7:30 in the morning and at 9 in the evening. Sorry for such a temper, I’m sick, my hands are shaking.”

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It is a pity that even these words are so penetrating and suffered, Alessandro Rosica commentedonce again accusing him of slander:

You tell a lot of lies and you know it. He was also on the cruise with his daughter 24 hours a day. The daughter sees her when and when she pleases. Letizia lives in Federico’s house, so how can she forbid him to see her daughter? I just feel sorry for him, but he makes a fool of himself. If it’s included in the call schedule, it’s because it’s working. But he can always see the child.”

In a video posted on his Instagram, Federico Lauri continued to scold his ex-wifecontacting her directly:

Dear mother of my daughter, apart from Sophie, nothing binds us, we are not married. If until yesterday I would have loved you because you were my partner for half my life, then today that is no longer the case. When your daughter grows up, she will understand … Greetings, Letizia, happy life.

Who knows if we will see other developments in this convoluted story.

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