Post: Amici 22 Niveo passes out on the last day and takes it out on Rita

This Friday afternoon, November 25th, Niveo, overwhelmed by despair in his position, collapses and cries desperately in Rita’s arms. That’s what happened.

daytime today Friday November 25 showed the collapse Niveoand his discomfort at always being bottom of the standings in recent weeks. Achieved Ritathe boy breathed, letting his sadness show.

Niveo and his explosion with Rita

Ritahe sawNiveocry and reached out to comfort him: unfortunately in the last few weeks the student has always finished last in the standings and feels that his path to Friends it might end soon.

The couple hugged and consoled each other, as Ritaseeing sadness Niveo, she burst into uncontrollable tears, worried for him and afraid to see him leave and thus lose what was also her boyfriend at school for months. The ballerina asked him what was bothering him, and Niveo she replied through her tears:I’m crying for the situation, I can’t take it.

It’s been a tough few weeks for Niveobetween failed speeches and a misunderstanding, fortunately resolved, with NDG. A very difficult period for him, which led him to collapse. Also little g she could not help but ask him why he was crying, and despite the singer’s refusals, she persisted and tried to beat the words out of him. And finally, a confession:

“Until now, I couldn’t sing the way I wanted to. If nothing changes in these three days, I’ll probably leave. There are tons of comments about me on Twitter.”

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