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Men and women, Biagio Di Maro: “This time I will find the right woman, I’m sure”


The return of the knight from the Campaign for the throne over men and women: “I have analyzed my mistakes, but I will remain myself”

“Tina, there’s someone for you”: with this prophetic phrase the curtain opened on the return of one of the most controversial male and female knights:
Biagio DiMaro. An unexpected rental that opens a new era for the Campania region. We saw him descending the stairs in great shape, buoyed by a clear desire to put his heart back into the game, and perhaps this might even be the right opportunity to unwind for a relationship with Tina Cipollati.

Men and women, Biagio di Maro “I am happy for Sarah, today I will find the right woman for me”

“Now we are laughing, but I’m afraid it won’t last long” Biagio told the weekly Men and women Magazine.

There is no lack of good intentions after this pause for reflection, which made him reconsider important relationships from the past, such as relationships with Sara Zilli.

“I analyzed my mistakes and admitted them … but I will remain myself without changing. I am, as always, a street kid. I am an active person who always looks ahead with a positive. Especially during this period! I lost almost ten kilograms, even if I I didn’t stick to a real diet: I limited myself to healthy eating.Of course, I had to restrain myself and try to go to the gym…but now I look much better, without a stomach.I care, I can’t deny it.

Talking about his return to the groundabovea knight from Campania stated:

“I didn’t ask myself too many questions, I did it spontaneously. The moment they called me back, I was immediately ready to return, with joy. I believe in the program with all my heart: I am sure that in the study of Men and Women, I can find the right woman with whom to build something real. For me, Men and Women are now almost a family! It gave me great pleasure to see the guys from the production, those from the editorial staff and again Maria herself. I was happy to meet Gianni, Tini and Tina also in the studio (although Tina doesn’t let me pass any at the end). And I can’t help mentioning also Gemma, who is a really nice person!”“I am sure that I will not do anything under duress and when I get out it will be because I have found a woman who can give me what I need. I do not want to choose and then regret, my wife was the first great love in my life, and I wish: “So that the next love that I open my heart to will be the last one. I want to find the right woman and take her home! I’m 100% sure it will.”

About attendance Sara with Davide Koelati Rama, Blaise commented:

“When I saw this episode, the first thing I thought was that if Sarah and I didn’t meet, then it was my fault: she was in love with me, and I couldn’t move on. It was almost a friendship on my end, I can only say that I hope that Sarah is happy and that she has found a good person who can be by her side. I hope this is true. I met Davide very little, but he seems to me an honest person who came to the program with serious intentions, which sometimes did not understand me. The moment Sarah told him, “I’m leaving with or without you,” Davide was able to demonstrate that he was truly ready to commit.

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