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Post: Luca Argentero and Miriam Catania, Simone Izzo admits: “She wanted a divorce because…”


Simone Izzo breaks the silence and talks about the reason that prompted Miriam Catania to leave Luca Argentero.

Simone Izzo Reveals for what cause in 2016 her niece Miriam Catania decided to say goodbye to her husband Luca Argentero for good.

Simona Izzo talks about Luca Argentero and Miriam Catania’s divorce

Today, Luca Argentero is happily married to influencer Cristina Marino.from which he daughter, Nina SperanzaAs well as with whom he will soon have a second child. However, before meeting Marino, the actor was married to actress Miriam Catania for seven years. Their marriage began in 2009 and ended in 2016, but they remained on good terms after the split.

Currently, Catania teams up with Quentin Kammermannfrom which he son, Jacques. his auntthe note Simone Izzoin an interview with New however, she returned to talk about the end of her marriage to Argentero.:

He acted in fantasy Carabinieri next on my niece what, more knowledgeable than he, contributed to his art education. Luca proved his loyalty to her when she ended up in a coma in a car accident in which she received serious facial injuries; it was a terrible moment when we all rallied around Miriam.

And Ricky Tognazzi’s wife concluded:

When she woke up, Miriam asked Luca, “Am I sure you won’t leave me?” Years later, it was she who wanted a divorce, abandoning a story that had lost its original values..

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