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Post: Memo on the Remigi case, Maurizio Costanzo to Serena Bortone: “If there is even a drop of humanity in him, call him back”


Maurizio Costanza appeals to Serena Bortone in favor of Memo Remigi.

Also Maurizio Costanzo spoke out on the Memo Remigi casebeing very condescending towards him, and wanted to quit heartfelt message to Serena BortoneA: He thinks he should call him back.

Maurizio Costanzo talks with Laura Freddie about Memo Remigi and Serena Borton

Maurice Costanzo leads the program Let’s pretend that on R101 with Carlotta Quadri. In recent days, a well-known presenter took soubrette Laura Freddie to the showand with her he returned to the Memo Remiji case. Indeed, the last On October 21 he was fired because during life Today is another day he slipped his hand on the back of a colleague, Jessica Morlacchi. Obviously, since Striscia La Notizia created a service for reporting an incident, Remiga’s gesture caused a media storm.

Freddie is also part of the cast of the aforementioned Rai program hosted by Serena Bortone. Constantiusthen, talking to the first, expressed his opinion on the controversial issueputting into play the last:

I’m sorry, because Remigi is 84 years old.He wrote And if you knew how strange it is to be in love in MilanAs well as I think of the melancholy that took over him. Consequently if there’s a shred of humanity in Borton, call him back.tell him something.

After, Maria De Filippi’s husband asked his guest if she knew how Remigi was doing.but Freddieknowing him for a short time he didn’t know what to say to him. However, the dancer stressed that deep down she hopes that the singer and Morlacchi will be able to clarify the situation as soon as possible. However, regarding Bortone, Freddie ruled that she was “a very smart woman and certainly knows how to act in this situation.”

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