EntertainmentSusanna Galeazzi for Giampiero: criticism of Mara Venier and...

Susanna Galeazzi for Giampiero: criticism of Mara Venier and the memory of her father


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Susanna Galeazzi remembered her father Giampiero Galeazzi in Diva & Donna, adding some rather bitter reflections on Mara Venier and the last days of her father, who died a year ago.

Susanna Galeazzijournalist and presenter Mediaset daughter of the deceased Giampiero Galeazzihe talked about his relationship with his father ininterview with Diva and Donna, adding pretty bitter thoughts about the dynamic between his father and Mara Venier. She then spent words testifying how much she misses her parent in front of all the Italian sports fans.

Susanna Galeazzi on Giampiero’s father: “I miss his voice”

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Giampiero Galeazzihistorical person Paradise sporty, passed away on November 12, 2021, more or less a year ago. Susanna Galeazzihis daughter, born in 1978, herself a journalist, former TG5 presenter and currently a correspondent, also active in Mediaset’s special programs, reenacted her father’s last days: suffering from high blood pressure, Parkinson’s disease and diabetes, he was stricken with Covid and died. in Gemelli after heart failure and a five-day coma. Daughter saw him a few days ago when rehabilitation therapy seemed to be able to return to him the longed-for opportunity to get out of the wheelchair: “i miss everything. I miss her voice so muchI look at my phone, always waiting for a call from him. Other times it’s me who wants to call him.”

Suzanne Galeazzi and bitterness towards Mara Venier

Giampiero Galeazzi got the nicknameSteak” from Mara Venierwhen she was alone permanent presence in Sunday in the ninetieswhere he also performed in goliard curtains. Suzanne explains that this kind crazy display the family did not like her very much, on the contrary: “In some cases it was embarrassing. Already as a character he went beyond, seeing him disguised as Mickey Mouse or a sparrowhawk, seeing him dancing like a bear… We told him carefully that maybe it wasn’t like thatbut he never took that into account.” Suzanne reproaches that this student spirit cost him career the best in journalism, but above all he did not forgive Mara Venierwho also last interviewed her father in 2019, whom she didn’t reach out to condolences family, without even showing them closeness, preferring to remember Giampiero in a different way: “My father adored Mara Venier. I doubted and still doubt whether she really loved him. The day after her death, she acted as an inconsolable widow, inviting me to talk about my father, Marino Bartoletti, who was supposed to present one of his books, and about others, not quite his friends. […] My father would be very surprised and sad.”

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