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Post: Men and women, Federica Aversano confesses her fragility on social media


Former Men and Women throne host Federica Aversano has returned to social media to open up about her weaknesses that prompted her to abandon the program. That’s what he said.

After a sudden rejection Men and women, Federica Aversano she returned to social media and revealed how much pressure she felt on herself and how little control she had over her emotions.

Federica Aversano reveals her fragility

On her Instagram profile, she posted a post in which she revealed what prompted her to quit. Men and women. Apparently, the pressure he felt on himself became so strong that it affected his life: “I can’t handle my emotions but it was a good ride” He wrote Federica Aversano.

Numerous accusations were brought against her, primarily by Tina Cipollari and Gianni Spertiprogram experts Maria DeFilippi, who accused her of not wanting to seriously engage in the search for true love. Even with the many criticisms he received, first for this social media post and then for an interview with Magazine for men and women, Federica wanted to tell the real reasons that prompted her to leave the program.

He spent two years in the editorial Channel 5two years during which she was first a fiancé and then a throne, and for which she will always be grateful:

“These were beautiful days, sunsets of the incomparable Elios, many people who passed by but stayed with me, I could tell you something beautiful about each of them, so much humanity, so much heard experience, so many hugs. it warmed me and so much laughter to tears, then I realized that sometimes everything has its time. Even though I’ve gone off the path, it’s still a wonderful journey.”

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