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Post: Big Brother Vip, Cecilia and Ignazio comment on the journey of Antonino Spinalbese!


Thus, Cecilia Rodriguez and Ignazio Moser comment on the journey of Antonino Spinalbese in Big Brother Vip.

Availability Antonino Spinalbese in the house Big Brother VIP made a splash, especially since the hairdresser simply cannot completely keep silent about his relationship with Belen Rodriguez, mother of Luna’s daughter Marie. That’s what they think Cecilia Rodriguez As well as Ignatius Moser ways of the former son-in-law.

Big Brother Vip, Antonino Spinalbese in the sights of Cecilia and Ignazio

Among the most popular competitors seventh episode of Big Brother Vip there is Antonino Spinalbesecharming andx by Belen Rodriguez and the father of Argentine dancer Luna Marie’s second child. The hairdresser was very close to Jaele De Dona in crisis over her husband Bradfordbut their flirting remained platonic precisely because of the position of the giffina. Antoninhe was fascinated Oriana Marzoliplayful Venezuelan entered the house vip girlfriend causing confusion, but even with her, things don’t seem to go well, as the appetizer doesn’t believe in Giffina’s good faith.

Meanwhile, Antonin he repeatedly failed in his decision not to talk about his relationship with belem, telling a few anecdotes that stirred up the network. According to some viewers, Spinalbese pretended not to be interested in talking about his past, but he found himself compelled to raise Belen without having these big sensations to focus on in order to be interesting in the eyes of the public. In an interview with Who, having made hot confessions, Thus Cecilia Rodriguez and Ignazio Moser commented on Antonino’s trip to Gf ​​Vip.

Cecilia: “Sometimes I asked him: “But why do you say this?”. He threw himself into a completely new world for him.
Ignatius: “Antonino is spontaneous, he strikes you for better or for worse. Sometimes you say: “What a sweet, what a good boy!”, Others: “Where has he been until now?”.

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