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Post: Big Brother Vip, Gendalina Tavassi without brakes on Antonino Spinalbes, Edoardo Donnamaria and Jael De Dona


Gendalina Tavassi breaks the silence about the various flirtations that have arisen between the main characters of the seventh issue of Big Brother Vip.

Gendalina Tavassi returned to talk about the main characters of the seventh issue Big Brother VIP. Guest on the radio show It won’t happen again Edward’s sister he wanted to pull some pebbles out of his shoes and give his opinion on various flirting, born in Casa di Cinecittà.

Gendalina Tavassi sheds light on Gf Vip’s competitors

There New episode of Big Brother Vip airs tonight on Canale 5. while waiting, Gendalina Tavassi released a new interview for the album “It won’t happen again” in which he praised the trip to his brother’s house. Edward and threw a little Poison Arrow by Antonella Fiordelisi and Edoardo Donnamaria:

I was sure that Edoardo would have a good trip. Antonella said heavy things. I was there to tell her that it’s not cool that she says things behind my brother’s back and then spends all day with him. She started calling me stupid and speaking in Latin. She is always looking for him, she is a person devoid of irony. Thinking about your boyfriend. Who has one inside, the other outside, it is not clear, he is the last person who can give opinions and judgments about someone else. She came because she liked it, fell in love with Antonino, and then threw herself on Edoardo.

With Edoardo, I don’t see love. I don’t see a couple. These relationships will die. I like him as a person. It’s ironic and funny. It has nothing to do with her. I see that he is trapped. The fact that the father came in, that he said that the couple was working on the street … I don’t see a good couple. I do not like them. Between the two, I thought he was busier. Now I don’t know. Outside, I would never put them together.

There Tavassi He then proceeded to comment the relationship that originated in Gf Vip between Antonino Spinalbese and Oriana Marzoli. Not only. There Edward’s sister she showed that she owes herself positively change your mind about Jael De Dona:

I thought that Jaele was a superficial person, but as time went on, I really liked him. But I don’t agree with flirting with Antonino. He made everyone there go a little crazy. Antonino is sensitive, I don’t like those who can, but I would definitely make friends with people like him, Luca, Micol or Edoardo Donnamaria. […] Antonino and Oriana? When he said that it was his business to think about his daughter, Oriana came and said, “What happened? Are you still thinking? Are you still thinking about your daughter?” it’s really bad. Even a person without feelings will be able to understand that this is the moment to shut up. It’s very bad what he said. So he wanted her to understand that she was insensitive, self-centered and selfish.

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