Post: Sneaky, the Grinch is back and tougher than ever in new trailer

A parody horror film about the Grinch who hated Christmas appears: it’s called “Sneaky” and in the first trailer shows his murderous rage.

Impossible to forget the masterful interpretation Jim Carrey in very green clothes Grinchcharacter born from imagination Dr. Seuss which was successful first as a work of fiction and later as a film adaptation. Conceived as a Christmas classic, the Grinch figure has followed generations with his mischievous smirk and endless teasing only to steal Christmas from someone. But the one in the trailer Sneaky he is by no means a clumsy green-skinned man with a heart two sizes smaller than he is ready to accept a little love into his life. On the contrary, he is a ruthless killer who, in addition to stealing Christmas from little Cindy, also killed her mother and is ready to strike again.

Sneaky, the Grinch is a ruthless killer in the trailer

A film billed as a parody horror film starring The Mean One. David Howard Thorntonalready known from the film series Horror. The Grinch in this case retains his original aesthetic, presenting himself with green skin and hair, rotten teeth, and a battered Santa Claus suit. What sets the film apart from Jim Carrey’s 2000 film adaptation is the terrible imprint given to the film. A mysterious creature terrorizes the mountain town of Newville during the Christmas season. It breaks into houses and kills people. Thirty years ago baby Cindy You-Know-Who (Krystle Martin) notices an intruder in the house but believes it is the real Santa Claus. Instead, it’s the Grinch, ready to steal Christmas forever. He kills his mother before his eyes, and after thirty years his murderous rage returns. This time, the Grinch also kills his father, and Cindy transforms into an outfitted heroine who is fed up with making fun of the police. Armed exclusively with Christmas weapons, Cindy is ready to take justice into her own hands and put an end to the Grinch’s Christmas terror once and for all.

Producer Stephen LaMort, The Mean One is the latest in a series of films that attempt to reimagine some pop culture classics in a horror vein. For example, Disney’s teddy bear received a horror remake with Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honeywhile the news related to it is recent Bambi like a killing machine. Also Peter Pan there will be a horror film based on a child who didn’t want to grow up.

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