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Post: The best works for youth were selected in the Kniguru competition


The story “The eater is looking for a snowy owl” won the “Kniguru” competition of works for children.

MOSCOW, November 28 – RIA Novosti. The press service of the award, Yevgeny Rudashevsky’s story “Looking for the Lost Snow Owl” received the maximum score in the XIII All-Russian competition for the best literary work “Kniguru” for children and teenagers.

Stanislav Vostokov’s book “Goats and Giants” took second place, and Eva Nemesh’s short story collection “Smells Like a Dog” came in third.

“All three texts are very different, but you can find a common motif in them: to find yourself, to choose a path, to go out of the ordinary. It seems that this year the reader’s wish is formulated in this way.” it says service.

The winners were determined by a jury of young people aged 10-16. They read and rated the shortlisted works.

The Kniguru competition was organized by the Ministry of Digital Development, Telecommunications and Mass Media and the National Center for the Promotion of Literature. In the 13th season, 642 texts by 431 authors from 18 countries were presented to the expert council. Among them are Russia, Belarus, Germany, Israel, Indonesia, Spain, Latvia, Lithuania, the USA and others.

Source: Ria

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