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Post: Big Brother Vip: a new clash between Antonella Fiordelisi and Edoardo Donnamaria, here’s what happened


Antonella Fiordelisi and Edoardo Donnamaria argue with Gf Vip about Antonino Spinalbese’s “guilt”: “You’re immature.”

New collision in the house Big Brother VIP between Edoardo Donnamaria and Antonella Fiordelisi. Cause? There choice beautiful participant of the seventh edition in an Antonino Spinalbese shirt which led to sharp reaction the young face of the Forum.

There is no peace in Gf Vip for Antonella Fiordelisi and Edoardo Donnamaria.

History born in Big Brother VIP between Edoardo Donnamaria and Antonella Fiordelisi continues through ups and downs. Two young participants of the seventh draw, in fact, gave up. protagonists of the new discussion of “guilt” Antonino Spinalbese.. The athlete decided to wear the shirt of her ex-boyfriend Belen Rodriguez, causing a reaction from her boyfriend:

What did you say to Oriana when Jaele put on Antonino’s shirts? You told her that she was right and that she was doing it on purpose. So, you know that wearing someone else’s clothes makes sense. Or don’t you know? […] Save the shirt and wear it every day. If you think that wearing someone else’s clothes every day is good, but you think that it doesn’t make sense.

Antonella explained his position and accused Edward unable to openly express their discomfort:

Then don’t tell me to joke if that bothers you. I don’t know when you’re serious and when you’re joking. Sit down, can you see that you’re immature? You don’t want to give me your clothes, last time you told me “but I can’t give you everything”. Why don’t you tell me that it bothers you? Why are you leaving? So you wanted to give Mikol things after a week of dating?

Donna Maria He then tried to check with cornflowerswhich, however, returned to the attack:

Don’t tell me that I dress differently afterwards, because I don’t, because people change and improve. I never told you that you shouldn’t let yourself say things like that to me because it’s not true. Have you thought about leaving me? Moreover, when a person loves so much, does he think about leaving? Great job. I never thought about leaving you, even if you make me feel bad. I also had a little pain.

Listening to your beloved Edward he wanted to close the discussion, trying to calm her down:

If I tell you that something is bothering me, you are doing it on purpose, so don’t tell me to tell you what is bothering me, because then problems arise. I never thought about leaving you, I want to be with you and I want you to be good. If you really care about me, please try to limit this attitude, which is useless and does nothing but harm to both of you. Let’s say both are to blame, so I’ll try to figure it out too.

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