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Post: Men and women, Riccardo Guarnieri proved wrong in his feelings for Gloria Nicoletti. What will the lady do?


On the episode of “Men and Women” that aired today on Canale 5, Riccardo Guarnieri confessed some uncomfortable truths about his feelings for Gloria, causing outrage throughout the studio. That’s what happened.

In today’s edition Men and womenon the air Channel 5, we rediscovered the discussion between Paola and Silvia, when the former accused the other lady of dating the same men she was interested in. But what occupied most of the episode was the discussion between Richard Guarnieri and the entire study, due to its conflicting claims about being related to Glory. In the end, Lavinia Mauro she has run into two of her suitors and her choice already seems to be leaning towards a certain name…

Riccardo Guarnieri against everyone: what will Gloria do?

Biagio DiMaro had a nice evening with Silviabut he does not hide the fact that he would also like to leave his number to Paola. His statement angered Silviabecause just a few hours before, the knight had confessed to her that he was interested in her and that he could trust her feelings. Frustrated by her controversial behavior, the lady admitted that she did not know whether to meet him again or noteven because Paola showed that Blaise that morning, he dedicated a few compliments to her right outside the studio. Paola’s intervention provokes a reaction in Sylvia, who accuses her of speaking ill of her to third parties.

Suddenly he enters into a discussion Gemma Galgani: the lady is so offended by Paola that she attacks her, calling her fake and sarcastic and quick to judge anyoneespecially her. The discussion reached the point where Galgani loudly exclaimed:You should be ashamed” against Paula. Meanwhile, Silvia asked for some time to decide whether to date Biagio or not, deciding to dance with him first and be able to talk face to face.

After the dance there was a tense moment between Richard Guarnieri, Glory Nicoletti As well as Gianni Sperti. The latter attacked Riccardo because he was convinced that don’t be sincere in your statements and the rider seems to confirm this because he claims that It won’t bother him if Gloria sees other people.. A statement that left the entire studio speechless, given that just yesterday the couple admitted they spent the night together, and Gianni commented that while sincerity deserves respect, Gloria should consider sending him away because it’s not worth it.. Another lady in the studio Desdemona, agreed with Gianni and stated that Riccardo would not look at him, even if he was the last person on earth, given his behavior. There was also a heated discussion between them.

Maria DeFilippi intervened and clarified the position Richard: he is dating Gloria but he’s not quite into it. The discussion continues with the disclosure of intimate details between the couple and the final confirmation that yes, Riccardo Gloria likes him, but the feeling is not. The lady gives him an ultimatum: will there be changes in Riccardo, will he be able to fall in love with her? The knight does not answer and Gloria is very disappointed. The whole studio pounces on Riccardo, accusing him of inconsistency and cruelty towards the lady. Gloria for her part is tornbecause he feels that this is not how he would like to experience his acquaintance with a knight, but can’t close already with him.

Lavinia Mauro and one of her suitors, Alessandro, passed to the classical throne, with whom she had a pleasant time in the fresh air. As long as knowledge continues well with him, between jokes and hugs full of tenderness, instead, the production shows the confrontation between Lavinia and Alessio.: heavy words fly between the two, because for Lavinia he is not really interested and does not want to win her affection. The argument seems to subside after the embrace between them, but Lavinia needs concrete proof of his interest in her and that he will do anything to get her back.. The discussion then also moved to the studio with the throne girl, who seemed to already have a clear idea of ​​who she could choose, tired of seeing contradictions in behavior Alexei.

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