EntertainmentTu Si Ke Vales, Alessio Sakara: "Belen without attention,...

Tu Si Ke Vales, Alessio Sakara: “Belen without attention, Maria De Filippi disappeared without a psychologist”


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Martial artist Alessio Sakara, a regular face of the successful show Tu Si Que Vales, spoke about his relationship with other adventurers.

combat sportsman, Alessio Sakarafixed face of a successful show Tu C Ke Vales he talked about his relationship with fellow adventurers.

Alessio Sacara: “My relationship with other adventurers in Tu Si Que Vales”

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41-year-old Roman at the helm of the talent show since 2017, interview novella 2000, was talking about Colleagues leadership and gods program judges most beloved Italian Saturday night.

“Martin Castrogiovanni is a rugby legend, appreciated for his radiance, Belén is very sweet and despite the impression she can make on those who don’t know her, she is not alone, on the contrary, she is expansive and affable”

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By the way, about the judges. Shakara said he appreciatessincerity” from Jerry Scottykindness Rudy Zerby who plays the villain, Roman comedy Theo Mammukariendless laughter with Sabrina Ferilli and finally Maria DeFilippi, “a rare ability to delve into the human soul”woman who, according to the athlete, “lost psychologist”

Born in 1981 Alessio Sakara he has had a number of successes in boxing and martial arts, overcoming prejudice.

“In my youth, I was judged by those who knew nothing about me, so I promised myself not to label, I have an idea about someone after talking with them. On the basis of the beard, tattoos and music, they accused me of little seriousness. Being superficial is a mistake, I do not fall easily, having learned the hard way how it can hurt.

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Today, the Roman sportsman and conductor is romantically involved with Raffaella Mennoiaright hand De Filippi with what things, he said, “They are allright”. “I don’t like to talk about our relationship – he added – There are things that cannot be shared. To do so would be to undermine its value a little.”

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