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Post: Men and women, Isabella Ricci and Fabio Mantovani: “Our life and our dream in Dubai”


Isabella and Fabio, two former faces of Men and Women, decided to start a new life as husband and wife in Dubai, where they found their dream home.

Married for a little less than half a year, two ex-faces throne over from Men and women, Isabella Ricci and Fabio Mantovani decided to start a new life as husband and wife in Dubai. On September 28, they officially began to move to the metropolis, where they equip their love nest.

Men and women: Isabella Ricci and Fabio Mantovani: “The life we ​​wanted in Dubai, we are happy”

“Before we found this house, we saw over forty” the couple confessed “but with this it was love at first sight: we were convinced by the magnificent panorama.”

Happy as two teenagers Isabella and Fabio they live carefree days:

“We are together twenty-four hours a day, and now we are focused on home improvement,” Isabella told Men’s and Women’s Magazine, “but soon we will be spending our days on the beach or in malls in Dubai, among very fragrant shops.”

In the honeymoon house, the walls are dark purple with inexpensive Arabic-style furniture, none of which the couple ever discussed.: “We live the way we wanted: it means to feel at home.”

A dream of living in Dubai that came true for both of us:

“We decided to build a house here because, as lovers of warmth, we wanted a place to relax here when it is winter in Italy. However, while spending time here, we gradually fell in love with this place, one that always amazes us and magnificence. the security that characterizes it: here you can go out at any time of the day or night in serenity, you can leave the door of the house and the car open without risking anything. The house we chose has an extraordinary view and is located in a beautiful area of ​​Dubai. The building is ultra-modern and surrounded by shops and services, so we can also not take a car. Of course, before finding it, we looked at about forty modest houses. Initially, we wanted an apartment by the sea, but then they changed their minds: beautiful sea, we enjoy it in the summer in Italy, and in any case it is only ten kilometers from where we are. Dubai is a magical place. We wanted to furnish this house lightly, with arabesque elements. , lots of mirrors and doodles of gold and silver. “

But when do they really feel at home? Isabella and Fabio do not doubt: “Waking up in the morning next to Isabella”said the former knight, who was echoed hedgehogs: “For me, too, feeling at home means waking up next to Fabio. We are living the life we ​​wanted and we are happy.”

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