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Not only “Wild and Silent Night”: 5 films with “non-standard” Santa Claus


Unpublished, bizarre, wrong, or ready for action. On the occasion of the release of the film with David Harbor, a list of 5 films to (re)discover some Santa Claus, absolutely far from the classic version of the character.

Cruel and silent night will open the month dedicated to the Christmas holidays in a very bizarre way. Wait in cinemas on December 1Tommy Wirkola’s film brings to the screen one of the many unconventional versions of Santa Claus played for the occasion David Harbor (Jim Hopper in Stranger Things and Red Guardian in the MCU). Cruel, very incorrect and completely sarcastic, is not afraid to go into battle to protect a little girl who is on the “good list” from the “bad” men who have taken her family hostage. A dark comedy soaked in blood and gore, but at the same time full of good feelings. After all, it’s always Christmas.
However, David Harbor’s look is only the latest “corrected and/or corrected” version of the character. Main character Cruel and silent night in fact, he enjoys great company. Among the Santas who have taken action to save the Holidays and others who are too unfaithful, here is a list of some Santas who are decidedly unorthodox.

Somebody Save Christmas (2018, Clay Kaitis)

In this Netflix movie Santa is forced to act to save the holidays before it’s too late. To help him, the two boys decide to prove his existence and his trusted elves. So in search of lost gifts all over Chicago, Santa Claus reveals himself in a brand new version, far from the serene and idyllic version of Christmas cards. It is no accident that the action comedy hero Kurt Russell lends body and voice to the protagonist. Next to him, in the role of Mrs. Christmas, is Goldie Hawn, Russell’s companion for forty years.

5 Legends (2012, Peter Ramsey)

A DreamWorks animated film that has become a holiday classic over time, keepers of dreams presents a version of Santa Claus, true to its essence, but completely distorted in style and attitude. Able to stand out a group of people as famous as him (Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy and Sandman), North becomes the leader Guardian Group, able to force a newcomer (Jack Frost) to discover his abilities and destiny and lead his friends on a dangerous mission. Strong, tenacious and self-assured (voiced by Alec Baldwin in the original version), he also morphs into his classic iconography, becoming a burly and muscular “big man”, with tattooed arms and a red and black cape replacing his traditional attire. The film is available on Netflix and in the Sky catalog.

Fred Claus – Brother Under the Tree (2007, David Dobkin)

What if Santa was forced to control his bulky brother Fred? Answer provided Fred Claus, a Christmas film, quietly overlooked and criticized by viewers and critics, but worthy of showing us an unexpected version of Santa Claus, or rather, a “family format”. In this film, Santa Claus should not save the holidays or give joy only to the children of the whole world, but should “return to the true path” his reckless brother, whose life consists of theft and trifles. scams. The perfect prototype of Santa Claus, played by Paul Giamatti, but made comical and imperfect due to a bizarre relationship with Fred (Vince Vaughn).

Who framed Santa Claus? (2021, Alessandro Siani)

In the list of “non-standard Santa Clauses” the Italian version of the character could not be missing. To endow the body and voice of Santa Claus in recent times has actually been Christian De Sica. White beard, hat, white dress that hides a protruding belly. At first glance, De Sica’s interpretation reflects all the canons of Santa Claus. However, as in the previous case, it is about interacting with the clumsy and cumbersome character – the Neapolitan Jenny Catalano (Alessandro Siani), a specialist in scams and “packages” who infiltrated the North Pole on behalf of the Wonderfast delivery company – to reveal new sides of the character. Thus, the “contamination” of Santa Claus and Jenny, told with the typical stylistic features of some kind of “Italian comedy”, allows us to add an additional element to the classic Christmas story and to the way the symbolic nature of the Christmas story is understood and presented. Vacation. Available on Infiniti.

Bad Santa (2003, Terry Zwigoff)

To complete this list, however, one could not miss the main character from the category of characters who invaded the big and small screen, or rather, people who pretended to be “Santa Claus” for their own, often not very noble purposes. Bastard Santa by Billy Bob Thornton. in fact, he dresses up as Santa Claus to rob malls. Rude, vulgar, alcoholic and addicted to smoking and sex, he is poorly tolerated by others and unable to change his life. A brand new character who paved the way for a long line of completely wrong Santa Clauses. In every possible way distorting the classic iconography of Santa Claus.

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