Post: Actor’s House named after Sergei Puskepalis opened in Yaroslavl

The house of the actor in Yaroslavl, named after Sergei Puskepalis, who died in an accident in September, was opened.

YAROSLAVL, 1 December – RIA Novosti. The Acting House named after Honored Artist of Russia Sergei Puskepalis has opened in Yaroslavl, as reported by an RIA Novosti correspondent.

“Our Actors’ House will be named after Sergei Puskepalis,” said Valery Kirillov, artistic director of the Yaroslavl Volkov State Drama Theater.

According to Governor Mikhail Evraev, the new creative field will bring together professional societies, student teams and amateur groups.

“I’m sure a lot of very interesting creative nights will take place here,” he said.

And he emphasized that the building of the Actor’s House is a monument of history and culture of federal significance, therefore, its restoration was approached with the utmost responsibility and care.

After the solemn episode, groups from various art institutions of the Yaroslavl region performed in the skit “Housewarming party”.

Work on the creation of the Regional House of Players was carried out on behalf of the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin. Theatrical art workers made a request to the head of state regarding this at a meeting in Yaroslavl a few years ago. Funds were allocated from the President’s provident fund to repair the building below the Player’s House.

Sergey Puskepalis, Soviet and Russian actor, theater director, Honored Artist of Russia. He was the artistic director of the Volkovsky Theater for three years. He died on September 20 in an accident on the M8 Kholmogory highway in the Rostov district of the Yaroslavl region.

Source: Ria

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