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Post: Ignazio Moser under charge: “He criticizes Luca Onestini, but he is even more than him, a reality TV professional”


Pipol TV comments on the recent claims of former jeffino and former shipwrecked Ignazio Moser against Luca Onestini: Cecilia’s companion Rodriguez also revealed a staggering figure for which he would agree to do Isola dei Famosi.

Yesterday, during the last meeting with House Who, Cecilia Rodriguez and Ignazio Moser they harshly criticized Luca Onestini, calling him a strategist, a reality TV professional.

Ignazio Moser accused of recent remarks about Luca Onestin

Actually said by this couple (born in the second issue of Big Brother Vip) left some bewilderment, given that both were both in friend what inCelebrity Island and this family Rodriguez they really did a lot of reality shows. Pipol TVhe responded to the Ignatiusexpressing some disappointment and showing the stunning seal that Moser would have received for participating in the Isola dei Famosi.

“During these hours, Ignazio Moser,” we read on The Pipool TV, “famous for being the son of the great sheriff Francesco Moser (hence the son of a well-known surname), rushed against Luca Onestini, calling him “a real-life professional who is today in GFvip I would put everything on a par with Nikita. Moser, who became famous thanks to the reality show and the love of a couple found on GF vip with Cecilia Rodriguez (his, it seems, the story of Onestin himself), forgets not only his beginning “if we want to call them that, but forgets that quite recently, in On the penultimate edition of L’Isola dei Famosi, he, as a reality show professional, shaved clean on a bet, but first of all he agreed to go to the island for an amount that was in the region of 80 thousand euros. Not pizza, but figs!

And, above all, Moser, who owes everything to GFvip… he is not a viewer of the program, otherwise he would have noticed the inseparable deuce of spades that Onestini imposed on Nikita. When giving an interview, it is always recommended to have at least a press office in the neighborhood or an agent. Alone you fall on a banana peel, sorry … coconut! It’s like I’m a former Jeffino, then a former shipwreck… then a son with a famous last name, or engaged to the famous sister of an even more famous sister. In a word, continuous reflection… this is Ignazio Moser.

It’s still:

“Ps: we also remember that Moser, after asking for the hand of his partner, did not choose silence to enjoy the moment, but spoke about it on TV, on social networks: in short, everywhere. Professional … yes … but how about ” About the reality show, about his life, perhaps even more than about Onestin.

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