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Post: Friends 22 years old, Mattia Zenzola leaves Maddalena Svevi after disciplinary action: “I can’t…”


Mattia Zenzola and Maddalena Svevi are getting further and further away from Amici, the story at the end of the line?

There the love story of Mattia Zenzola and Maddalena Svevi, born in Amici school, has come to an end? In the last few hours, Latin e student of Raimondo Todaro he allowed himself to go to one Exit with Tommy Dali in which he showed what he wanted close his relationship with dancer Emanuel Lo.

Is it over between Maddalena and Mattia? Confessions of a Dancer Amici

disciplinary action taken against Rudy Zerby and Raimondo Todaro he literally has destabilized Mattia Zenzola. At yesterday’s time of day Friends 22young latinist allowed himself Tommy Dali reveal to him that he intending to end his love story with Maddalena Svevi:

There is one thing that makes me feel bad and I felt like it compromised what I was here for. Because I’m here to dance, I’ve always dreamed of being here, now I’m here, so I can’t…

feed me Mattia’s doubts about the Magdalene he thought about it Aaron. The young singer drew attention to the fact that, in his opinion, the dancer is not worthy of being in the group of those who clean the house more, and therefore is not subject to disciplinary action. However, student Todaro’s reaction was unexpected.:

I’m not entirely sure about Madda either. I’ve been thinking for two days…

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