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Post: Ang Lee hired his son Mason Lee to play Bruce Lee


Oscar-winning director Ang Lee is making a biopic about Bruce Lee. The role of the legendary actor and martial artist is played by the director’s son Mason Lee.

There is no need to clarify that this is a father-son relationship, right? Good.
One of the most famous contemporary directors, Taiwanese Ang Lee, dedicates himself to a project he’s been trying to give shape and substance to for years, and it looks like that moment has finally arrived. The director wants to film about the life of bruce lee having the blessing of the daughter of the legendary actor who died in 1973, Shannon Lee. The interesting news coming out of the United States is that the son will play the martial artist Ang Lee.

This decision will clearly add a load of responsibility to the director’s shoulders, even if there is no doubt about the quality of the casting. Obviously Mason Lee he proved to be the best candidate for this operation, no matter what. Among the many biographies created, the most famous is the 1993 film titled Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story from Rob Cohenwherein bruce played Jason Scott Lee.

Ang Lee: The director’s words about Bruce Lee

Director Life of Pi, Tiger and dragon, Hulk, Secrets of Brockback Mountain As well as Gemini Mansaid these words, speaking of Bruce Lee:

Considered neither all-American nor all-Chinese, Bruce Lee was the bridge between East and West, introducing kung fu to the world. He was a martial scientist and cult artist who revolutionized both martial arts and action films.

I feel obligated to tell the story of this brilliant and unique man who possessed a tremendous strength of 60 kg and who, thanks to the tireless dedication of work, turned impossible dreams into reality.

Mason Lee she has been acting for about ten years, mostly in Chinese films. It had previously been directed by Ang Lee in a supporting role in the film. Billy Lynn. His father made his debut at the age of 3 in the 1993 film that brought him international fame. wedding banquet.

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