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Men and women: Lavinia Mauro out of control, Riccardo Guarnieri publicly insulted


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In the episode “Men and Women” that aired today on Channel 5, Lavinia Mauro is out of control and Riccardo Guarnieri is getting picks from Antonella.

AT new edition of the series “Men and Women”live today Channel 5, Thronesta Lavinia Mauro keep blaming Alexei make scary statements. Bye Alexander receives two spades Antonella, a lady who for weeks seemed to be at the center of the thoughts of Armando Incarnato, throne Frederic Nicotera doing everything to win favor again Alice.

Men and women, Federico Nicotera wins back Alice

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There new edition of the series “Men and Women” resumes from hot clash between Alessio and throned Lavinia Mauro, who accuses the Neapolitan woman of not being able to turn down a few nights at the disco, despite knowing that she suffers from it, considering it disrespectful. Although the Roman is sure that Alexei may refuse her as she herself has been locked up at home ever since she began her Channel 5 journey, the fiancé finds it absurd to be approached with such a request given that he does nothing wrong and is not even her boyfriend . Lavinia is more confused than ever.: Alessio is proud and doesn’t give in to her because she wanted to Alessio Campoli to the workshop by all means, or is he really not very interested in knowing her? According to Tina Cipollati two Alessios, one worse than the other.

He goes to throne over With Alexander who came out with Desdemona, only to stop when he found out he was at least 10 years older than he thought. The lady did not want to kiss the knight, attaching importance to this gesture, and he admitted that he was holding back because he was afraid that later he would feel bad if he kissed her and it didn’t work out between them. Desdemona is sure that their age difference is to blame for everything. Alessandro contacted Antonella but the lady showed no interest in getting to know him, causing great irritation of the knight, who accused her of insincerity. In the studio, everyone believes that Alessandro is too self-confident and self-centered, to the point that he does not accept refusal and always finds an excuse. He intervenes in an argument The incarnation of Armando who, defending Antonella, lashes out at her colleague and reproaches him for making harsh judgments about her. Bye Riccardo Guarnieri made a mistake with Gloria Nicolettiadmits to being interested in Antonella, then teasing the lady about the failed acquaintance with Armando, she states that she had a great time at dinner with Luciano.

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Back to classic throne with throned Frederic Nicotera what happened outdoors with Alice, after a violent argument with the groom. They continued the discussion, although it was clear that Federico wanted clarification and reconciliation. Seeing that Alice is still furious, Federico decides to join her at the hotel for a surprise, admitting he missed her and takes a picture. kiss after an important gesture from the throne. In the studio, the groom says she is happy but wants to see Roman’s next steps until Carola considers Alice’s behavior one of strategy to interest Federico.

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