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Big Brother Vip, for Pamela Prati did nothing on TV: the reason


Sardinian dancer Pamela Prati is absent from Big Brother Vip’s post-reality interview: there would have been an explanation related to the condition.

Pamela Praty, was one of the recent main characters of the seventh issueBig Brother Vip. Despite returning to former studio members, the former star of “Bagaglino” has not yet given an interview on the TV show for a certain reason.

Gf Vip: Pamela Prati is missing from the small screen for a specific reason

According to what he said from Pipol on instagram, Prati would set a condition which effectively kept her off the regular reality shows after the post. The dancer would have vetoed not mentioning the Marc Caltagirone story..

“No Mark, no Prati. We are unlikely to see Pamela Prati on TV again. The former giffina in the hosts she had before giving the go-ahead asked that no questions be asked about the “Mark Caltagirone” case, and her lawyer had to be in the studio with her. Interviews were skipped one after the other,” The Pipol TV reported.

Not being able to make any link to this question Caltagirone therefore, he would hold back the various guests of the former giffina. Pamela she addressed the issue again during her tenure on the reality show, reiterating that she was the victim of a year-long scam. To date, the public is still divided over who believes the Sardinian dancer and who considers her an accomplice along with her former agents. Eliana Michelazzo and Pamela Perricciolo.

Recently, Sylvia Toffanin she expressed herself in meadowsstating that he did not believe her and considering the story of Caltagirone almost as fake as the current story of Pamela with Marco Bellaviawith whom, after completing his adventure in vip girlfriendthe relationship seems to have begun, as evidenced by photographs, initiations and moments shared together, such as the dancer’s recent birthday.

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