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Post: Shufutinsky and Asti: Yandex selected the most popular songs of 2022


The service “Yandex. Music” selected the most popular songs of 2022

MOSCOW, December 1 – RIA Novosti. Yandex.Music service has selected the most popular songs of the outgoing 2022.

According to the research service, the most successful album was Hattori “Miyagi & Endgame”. Immediately after their release, all tracks ranked first among the most streamed new songs in the first weekend. He broke Morgenstern’s Last One record, previously holding the most popular record title.

Also, the remake of Yegor Creed and Mikhail Shufutinsky “The Third of July” became the most distributed song among users. Chansonnier re-recorded the chorus of the hit for the artist’s piece.

According to the research results, “Like of the Year” was Anna Asti, who started her solo career in January 2022 with the song “Phoenix”. Songs by Romanian singer Inna also became the most popular songs in the recommendation system.

Yandex.Music described producer and beatmaker Aarne as a “musical discovery”. The victory in the nomination “First Class of the Year” brought him his first album, AA Language, on which he worked for several years.

“The album contains 15 features from almost the entire modern hip-hop scene: the record includes tracks from Big Baby Tape, Feduk, Morgenshtern *, Slava Marlow and others,” said representatives of the RIA Novosti service.

Also, according to the portal, users began to listen to music more often – by the end of the year, the listening time had increased to 29 hours per month, which is three hours more than at the start. Yandex.Music notes that this was largely influenced by the launch of the personal recommendation system.

Earlier, Metallica announced a new album. The album’s release date is scheduled for April 14, 2023.

* A person acting as a foreign agent

Source: Ria

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