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Men and women, Vittoria Deganello in tears on social networks: “I do everything myself”


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For Vittoria Deganello, difficult times have still come: the excavations of the former daughter-in-law Nicole Murgia were not enough, now even problems with pregnancy are beginning to be unbearable for her alone. Despondent, she spoke out on social media. That’s what he said.

Latest news about Victoria Deganello they saw her isolated from the former footballer’s family Alexander Murgia, and the father of the waiting girl. After the attack of an anonymous user on Instagram, a former fan Men and women he responded referring to the family Murgia, because she believed that it was one of them who told her these nasty things. She was the answer Nicole Murgiafootballer’s sister who would keep silent Deganello tell lies and Not never looked for a comparison with them. Today, in her social networks, the expectant mother allowed herself to fall into a heavy impulse, tired of the situation she is experiencing alone.

Vittoria Deganello on ex Alessandro Murgia: “He will already be back with his wife or will be there anyway. All the best to them…”

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Former fan Men and womenshe announced a few months ago that she was pregnant: unexpected news, primarily because at the time of the announcement Vittoria Deganello recently returned single after a summer affair with Alessandro Murgia.. A very brief flirtation with a footballer who had just separated from his wife and father of two.

At the moment of revelation, wait Deganello did not want to reveal who the father is, but speculation ensued and everyone focused on the player. The girl then said that she was expecting a girl and that the father of the child considered her and her daughter to be such a nuisance that she was asked to have an abortion. By this time it became clear who the father was. Murgiaand from him or his family no statements have been received. At least until the attack a few days ago, when Nicole Murgia defended her brotherblaming Deganellothat I never sought to confront them.

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This situation must be difficult for the ex-fiancé and, if you add in the typical problems of any pregnancy, it is not surprising that Vittoria Deganello in tears on his social networks. In a story posted on her Instagram account, the girl complained about the important visit of her ex-fiancé and that she would like to share with someone from her family, such as her sister or father. But the clinic where he was to pay a visit made a condition that Deganello appears either alone or with the child’s father.. A request that was impossible to fulfill and which plunged her into despair, to tears:

“I wanted to share this visit with a member of my family because it’s great and for those in the clinic, I have to go alone. I found it an insensitive and humane situation. I do everything alone. However, it is not easy.”

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Then the girl apologized to her subscribers for the trick, because she doesn’t like looking like that. He then admitted that he would try to find a solution, even at the cost of changing the clinic, because. she wants to share this moment with someone and not live it alone.

However, with regard to the situation with Murgiain the question box on Instagram, Victoria Deganello was categorical: won’t go back with him and indeed, she seems to be convinced that the football player close to reuniting with his former partner.

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