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Post: “Hard times”: Volochkova admitted to alcohol abuse


Volochkova admitted to alcohol addiction and explained the reasons

MOSCOW, December 5 – RIA Novosti. Anastasia Volochkova admitted that she abused alcohol “in difficult times”.

I’ve had tough times in my life. I had to suffer so much because of the injustice, and I filled my pain with alcohol. There was also an excessive amount of knowledgeable in an interview with the ballerina

According to the artist, he allowed himself to drink large amounts of alcohol only on weekends.

“But I could afford it when I didn’t have performances in front of me. I sat at home and cried hugging a pillow, hookah and prosecco,” the celebrity stressed.

The star also shared that she likes to drink sparkling wine with fresh strawberries. However, it guards its limits.

Earlier, the ballerina counted the types of cleavage. He described them as appropriate in different situations.

Source: Ria

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