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Post: Lolita talked about regular train rides


Lolita talked about regular train services to the country

MOSCOW, December 9 – RIA Novosti. Lolita Milyavskaya admitted that she takes regular train journeys and sought the advantage of traveling by public transport.

You think I’ve never traveled by train in my life? For example, I ride the countryside. Moreover, electric trains have now become smart: cool, warm. Why would I sit in a car for two and a half hours in a traffic jam if there are electric trains? I feel completely comfortable.” shared Stars in an interview with

He also said that people may not recognize him in transport.

“People are going to think:” Just like, “I might not be recognized,” the artist said.

According to the singer, her voice gave her away during the trip, so she tried not to talk on the train.

“But when they heard the timbre of the voice, they said, ‘Oh! That’s it!” That’s why I try not to talk. Also, before the concert, it’s a waste of energy, “Milyavskaya admitted.

Earlier, the celebrity persuaded the spouses not to divorce at his concert in Krasnoyarsk. She is outraged at a fan’s decision to part ways with her husband after 20 years of dating.

Source: Ria

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