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Post: Cinema Fund demanded to increase the amount of domestic content


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Cinema Fund President Sosnov: National content should make up 70 percent of the movie market

MOSCOW, December 12 – RIA Novosti. Fyodor Sosnov, managing director of the Cinema Fund, said that the Russian film industry is faced with the task of increasing the amount of national content to 70%.

As reported on the Ministry of Culture website, the share of domestic films in Russian distribution as of October 2022 was 54.3%, 4.2% higher than the same period in 2021 (50.1%).

“For a long time the bar was set at 30%, which we had to reach and maintain in our national market with national content… There was a 30% mandate, now the task is reversed – 70% national content. One way or another, 30% will be covered by content from friendly states and countries that do not restrict the supply of content to our region, but 70% of the audience stream should be covered by national content.” industry conference “Film Industry in New Reality.”

He added that the implementation of the “Pushkin Card” program within the framework of this year helped to overcome the “first blow to the industry due to the narrowing of the repertoire in the first months after February”. He also said that the volume of applications received by the Fund in 2022 is twice as high as in 2021.

“At the same time, by the end of the year, the number of supported projects will be about five times more than in 2021, and this of course can only be relatively rejoicing. 60, including about 35 new projects and additional funding,” he said.

Olga Lyubimova, Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation, added that 150 projects were supported in 2022 through the Ministry of Culture.

“The numbers Olga Borisovna named are of course those that fulfill the new task … This has successfully coincided with the increase in the production capacity of the industry, so this is a completely viable process. The only thing is, of course, the average production time of a feature film 2.7 years, a little less than three,” Sosnov concluded.

Source: Ria

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