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Post: Volochkova fell from a height during the rehearsal of the play


Volochkova fell from a height during the rehearsal of the performance and was injured

MOSCOW, December 13 – RIA Novosti. During the rehearsal of the performance, Anastasia Volochkova fell from a height and injured her hand.

I fell off the canvases and fell, and I have a huge bruise on my elbow, “- complained Ballerina on the broadcast of Channel Five.

However, the artist was able to perform on stage after the fall.

Yildiz concluded, “Still, I endured everything in the performance. Now, it turns out that I have a huge injury.”

Volochkova often shared information about her injuries and ailments from years of physical exertion. The day before, she complained about her back pain on her social network. She also stated that comfortable shoes should be chosen to “protect the feet worn by pinto shoes”.

Earlier, the ballerina spoke about her new chosen one. However, he did not name his girlfriend.

Source: Ria

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