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Post: Online dictionary named word of the year


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“Woman” named word of the year according to the American online dictionary

MOSCOW, December 14 – RIA Novosti. American Online Dictionary judicial Noting that the word “woman” is one of the oldest words in the English language, it has caused public debate this year and is inseparable from its history, making it the word of the year.

As noted on the dictionary website, the number of requests for the word “woman” in connection with important events has increased significantly several times. Such events on specifically included a U.S. Supreme Court judge’s endorsement of the first African-American woman, Ketanji Brown Jackson. When this judge was asked to define the word “woman,” there was a marked increase in searches for the word.

Also, as the website states, women played an important role in a number of important events in 2022. Queen of England II. Elizabeth’s death in September sparked controversy about the life and legacy of the woman who became one of Britain’s longest reigning monarchs. And on the backdrop of the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini in Iran, riots and protests began.

“2022 will be remembered in part for its impact on women and the impact women have on a changing world. From our perspective as observers and recorders of language change, the word ‘woman’ is a prime example of how many gender terms have changed how and to whom they apply,” the dictionary writes on its website.

In other words, candidates for victory in the rating include “inflation”, “silent layoff” (an informal concept referring to the reduction of overt or covert efforts an employee dedicates to their job), “democracy”, “wordle” (having players guess a five-letter word). an online pun with six attempts for the ukrainian flag) and an emoji with the flag of Ukraine.

Previously, the Cambridge Dictionary expanded the definition of “female” to include adults who identified themselves as female, even if they were of the opposite sex at birth.

Source: Ria

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