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Post: Big Brother Vip, Alfonso Signorini angrily responds to a letter from Mimma Fusco, partner of Attilio Romita


On the episode of Big Brother Vip, which aired last night, Saturday, December 17, on Channel 5, Mimma Fusco spoke sharply against the authors of the program. Conductor Alfonso Signorini tried to answer her in kind. That’s what happened.

Episode Big Brother VIP aired last night, Saturday 17 December on Channel 5conductor Alfonso Signorini informed Atiliy Romita that his partner Mymma Fusco delivered a letter for him. The situation between the former face of Tg1 and his partner worsened due to a kiss that Romita and Sarah Altobello they exchanged at the house.

GFVip, Alfonso Signorini opposes Mimma Fusco

Story already commented Mimma Fusco with a series of tweets in which she said she was disgusted by the rapprochement between her partner and the influencer. But apparently, the woman still wanted to speak up and delivered letters to her partner, both last week and yesterday’s episode.

However, last night was different: Mimma Fusco actually chose not to intervene in person, but through her lawyer.. Conductor GFVip delivered the letter, completely distorting the meaning of its content and twisting the situation in his favor: “Attilio, we will send you this letter in which Mimma, through her lawyer, asks you not to return home after you leave the program.

These words, however, provoked anger Mimma Fuscobecause the woman asked to speak to her partner before he returns home, as the trust and respect that should exist between two companions has disappeared. But, above all, the intervention of her lawyer was to protect her and prevent her name from being mentioned in the plot and in the program. Instead, he continued in a social media post: “I didn’t want to end my relationship with Attilio. Another thing is the interpretation that Signorini wanted to give in order to obtain material for his program. Completely contrived for audience purposes. I am deeply sorry.”

But also Alfonso Signorini he couldn’t resist answering because he found it disrespectful Fusco try to pass it”for those who want sensations. I’m just not into it!” And to confirm the authenticity of their words, he read several passages from Fusco’s letter to Attilio Romita:

“My client suggests that she absolutely postpone her return to the common home as a man and a professional. Mrs Mimma is determined to avoid a resumption of coexistence which, on what she considers disastrous assumptions, could only exacerbate the crisis, has happened.”

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