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Post: Eros Ramazzotti admires Michelle Hunziker: “She is my great love”


The guest of the new issue of Domenica In on Rai 1, Eros Ramazzotti, made a romantic confession to Michelle Hunziker.

great love between Eros Ramazzotti and Michelle Hunziker it changed after the divorce, but never faded, taking on new colors of mutual affection and respect, as well as love for his daughter Aurora. Guest Sundaythe singer made a very sweet confession about his ex-wife who may not have done much to please his second wife Maria Pellegrini.

Eros Ramazzotti strikes Domenica Ying

During the last episode Sunday on Paradise 1, Mara Venier housed in his studio Eros Ramazzotti, one of the most beloved Italian singers of all time. The artist talked about some of the big successes, including the iconic and unforgettable song “Più bella cosa”, which also went down in history as a testament to the great love that connected Eros with his ex-wife. Michelle Hunziker. About the Swiss leading singer admitted:

“I already wrote this when I met her and I dedicated it to her. She was my great love. She is the mother of my daughter and can only be dedicated to her.”

A very sweet comment that took everyone’s breath away, especially diehard fans who are still hoping for reverse effect. Bye Michel appears at dinner with Tomaso Trussardi. confirming that she is able to maintain excellent relationships with her ex-husbands, I wonder what were Marika Pellegrini’s reaction to the words of Eros. The second wife of the singer has always lived in the shadows Hunziker and also in this interview, the desire not to talk about the second marriage is confirmed, already attaching great importance to the beautiful Swiss woman and their great love. Ramazzotti He then spoke of the happy news that had given him daughter Aurorawhat will make it not no for the first time. Eros is in seventh heaven and believes that his daughter and assistant Goffedro Chersa very ready for life as parents.

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