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Post: Big Brother Vip, “Antonella Fiordelisi was saved for a few weeks thanks to Sonia Bruganelli”: a heavy accusation


Antonella Fiordelisi ends up in the nomination, and some Big Brother Vip competitors put forward a strong hypothesis against Sonya Bruganelli.

Antonella Fiordelisi got into the nominations after long weeks during which his name could not be mentioned by the tenants Big Brother VIP thanks to Sonya Bruganelli, which systematically gave immunity to the Neapolitan. According to Edward Tavassy and Jaele DeDona this was a technique used by the reviewer to promote the swordsman’s consistency in Cinecitta.

Big Brother Vip, Sonia Bruganelli supports Antonella Fiordelisi?

Every year, as you might expect, there are some competitors. Big Brother VIP which are necessary for the dynamics of the game more than others. In the seventh edition of the program Channel 5 name stands out Antonella Fiordelisithe main character of numerous litigations, fierce discussions, criticized for striving for absolute protagonism, loved exclusively by fans donnalisi, is the pair that forms with Edoardo Donnamaria. Women of the House all against Antonellaunable to endure the swordsman’s outbursts and incessant attacks, according to them aimed at provocation, in order to earn a place as the protagonist during episodes of Gf Vip.

During the last live broadcast Antonella got into the nominations after very long weeks, during which everyone wanted to mention his name, but no one could, thanks tothe immunity that Sonia Bruganelli always gave to the Neapolitan. Gf commentators are most often able to revolutionize the fates of Cinecitta residents with their immunity, and it seems that Bruganelli chose Antonella too often not to arouse suspicion.

In fact, a few hours ago Edoardo Tavassi and Jaele De Dona accused the columnist of always saving Fiordelisi. because he realizes that otherwise he will be nominated and he won’t even have all these fans to support him. Having said that, the only time Sonia chose to reward another competitor or Attilio, Antonella participates in the weekly televote and he doesn’t seem to take it very well. Will she leave Cinecitta’s house forever?

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