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Post: Cinderella, who inspired Cate Blanchett for her image


Disney’s live-action movie brings the Cinderella story back to prime time on Rai 1, starring Ella, played by Lily James.

This evening, Thursday, January 5, 2023, the story of Cinderellawho, thanks to the glass slipper (and the courage to take part), changed his life forever. Live action film director Kenneth Branagh it hit theaters in 2015 and represents one of the very first films in the flesh starring a Disney princess. Interpreting Cinderella in her puffy blue dress is Lily Jameswhose popularity exploded immediately after Ella went to the movies.

Cinderella: who inspired Cate Blanchett to look like a stepmother

Referring to the classic 1950 Disney cartoon, Cinderella chose the role of her stepmother. Cate Blanchett. An Oscar-winning actress, she has appeared in various films on the big and small screen so far, becoming a benchmark in the Hollywood scene. And she could not resist the enchanted call of Cinderella, so much so that she wanted to play the insidious stepmother, who in live action responds to the name Lady Tremaine. As in the cartoon, the woman has two daughters, Anastasia and Genoveffa, and she intends to find a husband for them to revive the family economy. In relation to Cinderella, she turns out to be cold, calculating and insensitive, as is the case in the cartoon. For her character, Cate Blanchett drew inspiration from the great actresses of the 1940s who marked the film industry of yesteryear.

His elegant posture and glamorous streak, which are shown in the film, refer to such big names as Joan Crawford, Greta Garbo, Bette Davis, icons of entertainment who, in turn, were able to combine cinema and fashion. And it wasn’t easy for Lily James to share the stage with an artist of her caliber. In an interview with Colliders some time ago, the actress actually noted that she had a lot of fun on the set:

It was an incredible, surreal experience and I am so grateful. I consider Kate one of the greatest actresses of all time. It was easy to play with her because she teaches a lot. Her stepmother had this whole life and history and world inside her and in her eyes, and it was so exciting to be around her, it felt layered.

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