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Post: Amici 22, Rudy Zerby and Alessandra Celentano argue with the program, what happened?


Yesterday, Sunday, January 8, the special meeting with the Amici di Maria de Filippi resumed, and with it the first disagreements. This time it was Rudy Zerby and Alessandra Celentano who complained. That’s what happened.

Sunday, January 8, the usual meeting with the school is back Friends From Maria DeFilippi. After the Christmas holidays, talent students Channel 5 ready to challenge each other to get a place in the evening program. However, judging by what we saw on TV, it seems that, in addition to the program, disputes began again about judgments about the abilities of the guys.

Amici 22, Rudy Zerby and Alessandra Celentano oppose the program due to the large number of receptions without problems

Before the program went on hiatus, the last episode aired featured them three possible new studentswith which the respective professors would work in the final weeks before deciding whether to accept them or not Friends. Good, Lorella Cuccarini he kept Valeria, Emanuel Lo dancer Vanessa as well as Eleanor he went to school. Together Cliqueeliminated after being sent to the call, arrived Jor.

And for each new student, at the request of a related professor, a desk was added: it was they who opposed this practice. Rudy Zerby And Alessandra Celentanowho would like to see new recordings after testing. Rudy Zerbyin fact, he was joking by showing one of his plaques, which read: “More tables for everyone.” Same Alessandra Celentano she complained Maria DeFilippi this practice, given that as evening approaches, she needs to make a choice rather than continue to increase the number of students.

Dissatisfied with the attitude of their colleagues, Celentano she lashed out at them, accusing them of vague ideas:

“But do you have clear ideas or do you just want to be good, not send anyone away? Do you have to force it or do you always wait for others to do it for you?”

Thus, also this year, in view of Evening there will be a dispute that fans of the program are used to: given that there is no maximum number of students that can access the second stage of the program, it is likely that all students currently present will be admitted. And, it would be even more ridiculous if instead they were then removed before Eveningbecause they will only have a few months to work with talent show professionals.

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