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Post: Maxim Galkin * will be deprived of awards of the Kemerovo region


Maxim Galkin (foreign agent). archive photo

Kuzbass Governor Tsivilev supported the idea of ​​​​depriving Maxim Galkin of regional awards.

KEMEROVO, January 10 – RIA Novosti. The governor of Kemerovo region, Sergei Tsivilev, said that he supports the appeal of veterans demanding that artist Maxim Galkin * (known as a foreign agent) be deprived of regional awards. telegraph channel regional president.

In early January, a video appeared on social networks in which the artist chanted the slogan of Ukrainian nationalists from the stage during a performance in Dubai.

“We appeal to you with a demand that pop artist Maxim Galkin * be deprived of the medal “For Faith and Goodness” awarded to him in 2004 and the Order of Honor of Kuzbass in 2013. Russian Federation for active social activities aimed at developing Kuzbass and Russia. September 2022 Maxim Galkin* was recognized in our country as a foreign agent in Ukraine, among the sources of funding, “The appeal of the Kemerovo region veteran organization, which is posted on the official website of the regional government administration, says.

According to veterans, such an attitude towards their country is unacceptable. “In fact, such a person who betrayed the interests of his Motherland is not worthy of his awards,” said Kuzbass veterans.

The governor of the Kemerovo region also supported the request of the regional council of veterans to deprive the artist of awards.

* A person acting as a foreign agent

Source: Ria

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