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Post: Let’s say Ben Affleck serves you a hamburger at a diner…


Dunkin’ Donuts customers in Massachusetts were amazed to see Ben Affleck serving them in a car. In fact, the actor was engaged in brand advertising.

One can only imagine the surprise of the regulars at Dunkin’ Domuts in Medford, Massachusetts, when they drove up to the eatery of a well-known fast food restaurant and saw Ben Affleck look out the window, take orders and have them delivered soon after. It happened yesterday and local NBC reporter Darren Botelho tweeted that he was serving iced coffee to a customer. But don’t worry, Affleck wasn’t out of a job.

Fast food aficionado Ben Affleck starred in surprise commercial… with Jennifer Lopez

Ben Affleck in fact, he advertised for Dunkin’ Donuts, of which he is an avid consumer. The surprise for the unsuspecting customers was double as she also showed up at some point. J Lo, who supported her husband in completing tasks and allowed him to serve her, as you can see below. TMZ claims this is a promotional video made for the February 12th Super Bowl. If this is true, we will definitely see it.

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