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Post: 4 movies to celebrate Blue Monday with


The saddest day of the year, also known as Blue Monday, usually falls on the third Monday in January. How to deal with this, if not by watching a movie? We offer four that will make you smile and cry.

It’s hard to be a fan of Monday, especially after the New Year holidays. And that’s why Blue Mondaya day that usually falls on the third Monday of January and is defined as sad monday. Blue Monday, also known as the saddest day of the year, not only represents the end of the holidays, but also the challenge of setting up a roadmap and setting an agenda for the new year, making good decisions and getting rid of all the backlog work. There are those who face difficulties with a strong determination and those who allow themselves to be infected by sadness. Love it or hate it, Monday has different effects and that’s why we decided to recommend four movie titles to best celebrate this day. Sad or funny, these titles will appeal to everyone.

Tearful movies are perfect for Blue Monday

If you’re not afraid of too many tears and have a friend on the napkins, you might encounter the spirit of Blue Monday with Steps of love. Based on the novel of the same name Nicholas Sparks (A Walk to Remember in the original language), drama film released in 2002, launched a career Mandy Moore, today is well known, especially on television, as the protagonist of This Is Us. However, nearby Shane West, played the fragile but determined Landon Carter, a girl who, despite an incurable illness, never stopped believing in the goodness of others. “Traces of Love” is one of the most touching films in Nicholas Sparks’ repertoire to date (and that’s saying something, given that they’re all dramatic stories).

The second piece of advice we can give you is a movie that has recently returned to theaters. It’s about Hachiko is your best frienddirected by Lasse Hallström, starring Richard Gere. Based true story, Hachiko shows that such a strong bond cannot be broken, neither by unexpected events in life nor by the passage of time. The strength of the film is the tenderness of the story, which will be able to snatch a few tears of tenderness from you.

Funny movies to dispel blue monday sadness

Do you not like tears or indulge in sadness? Fight blue monday hilarious movie. Of course blunt bullet he can make you laugh. Starring Leslie Nielsenthe face of comedy, already known to The craziest plane in the worldThe blunt bullet starts trilogy engaging in laughter. Nothing prevents you from watching all three films: a carefree result is guaranteed.

Instead, it will be a classic, but Jim carrey built his entire career on the power of laughter and among his most memorable films, besides The Mask, one could give a chance Week from God. Released in 2003, it tells the story of a man who ends up with celestial powers. One final extra tip is an animated movie that we’re sure will bring you smiles and tears, perhaps in equal measure: celebrate Blue Monday with up it’s definitely a wise choice.

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