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Post: Avatar 3, James Cameron reveals that the third film will have a different narrator from Jake Sully.


For the third film in the Avatar saga, director James Cameron revealed that after the first two films in which Jake Sully told the story, there would be a new narrator. Let’s find out who it is together.

director James Cameron it turned out that for the third Avatars story teller will be no more Jake Sully. Rumors and fan theories have already anticipated this change of course, but now the news is official.

Avatar 3, from the third film, Jake Sully passes the baton…

Being the narrator of the first two films of the saga, Avatars And Avatar – Path of Waterper Jake Sully (Sam WorthingtonIt’s time to pass the baton. The choice, as some fans expected, fell on Loak (Britain Dalton), the couple’s second son Jake And Neytiri (Zoe Saldana) and the black sheep of the family, rebellious and enterprising.

This became known from a tweet, which reports on the conversation James Cameronin which the director explained his choice:

“Jake was the narrator for the first and second films, and we will have different narrators for each of the subsequent films. We will see the story through the eyes of another character, and in the third film it will be through the eyes of Loak.

With the third film Cameron it was revealed that he would also introduce other Na’vi, some of whom would not be very friendly, as well as new human characters, future allies of the Sully family. At the moment, there are no details about the plot of the third. Avatarsbut many have also focused their theories on the figure Kiri and his mystical connection to Pandora.

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