Post: Avatar 3 and Avatar 4, new Na’vi cultures on the way

James Cameron has confirmed that the next films after Avatar: Waterway will show us the new indigenous cultures of the Na’vi. Expansion of his happy universe.

Now that with Avatar: Path of Water Good James Cameron confirmed its commercial superiority over modern cinema, fans can only project themselves onto the next full-length films of the saga: at the moment Avatars 3 is in post-production and we will see it in theaters in December 2024although we know that some scenes Avatars 4 they had already been filmed to prevent the problem of the young lead actors coming of age. But what awaits us inNa’vi Universe Go forward? Cameron suggested it on the red carpet of the Critics Choice Awards, in an interview with Deadline.

James Cameron promises two new Na’vi cultures in Avatar 3 in theaters for Christmas 2024.

James Cameron no time to enjoy now almost $2 billion worldwide his Avatar: Path of Waterthat, as expected, fans are already interrogating him about the future of the saga. We already knew that in Avatars 3 we would have met someone else Na’vi tribe Related to Firewhich Cameron called “ash people(“people of the ashes”). But they won’t be the only ones, it seems, because James is in the company his wife Susie Amis on the red carpet of the Critics Choice Awards, he spoke about two cultures!

[JAMES]: Fire in the film performs a symbolic function. [in Avatar 3, ndr] and there is the Na’vi culture that specifically revolves around this concept, maybe I’m talking too much. Let’s say you meet two completely different cultures in the next movie. We met Omaticayawe met Metkainaand now you will meet two new cultures, and we will walk around Pandora a little more freely, in different places.
[SUZY]: You will need one safety belt very strong!
[JAMES]: Yes, it’s a rocket sled! [i vagoni con motori a reazione su binari, usati per i test di velocità, ndr]

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