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Post: Galtsev told how he walked around Lviv in a Nazi uniform


Yuri Galtsev. archive photo

Comedian Galtsev said that Lviv residents liked his Nazi uniform.

MOSCOW, January 18 – RIA Novosti. Actor and humorist Yuri Galtsev talked about how it must have been during filming in Ukraine. changing clothes that he was wearing a Nazi uniform and how well the locals reacted to it.

The performer on the air of the “Empati Manuchi” program, in 2008 “Hitler Kaput!” in Lviv. They dressed in Nazi uniforms with actor Yuri Stoyanov and decided to have sushi during the break.

“He (Stoyanov. – Approx. Ed.) Says:” I want sushi. Why don’t we undress? Let’s go to Lviv in this uniform: I know where the sushi is in the city center,” said Galtsev.

They immediately came to the restaurant in uniform and also depicted speaking German “for fun”. After that, silence reigned in the institution, interrupted by an elderly woman who declared that she was satisfied with “herself”.

Galtsev also talked about the appropriateness of humor at the front. According to the actor, the jokes helped NWO soldiers maintain their morale.

The artist shared, “The humor is appropriate. Because it can be different. The soldiers make very funny jokes. It helps them.”

“Hitler hood!” It is a 2008 Russian comedy-parody film directed by Marius Weisberg. The tape has little in common with military subjects and does not claim to be historically accurate. At the heart of the film is the exploitation of the theme of traditional folk tales and anecdotes about the legendary Soviet intelligence officer Stirlitz, while some scenes resemble the modern dealings of so-called white-collar workers in an office setting. as relationships within the “attractive society”. The film satirizes them in a grotesque way.

Source: Ria

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