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Post: Live life, Mara Venier as a rage at Marisela Federici: “You terrify me!”


In La Vita in Diretta, Marisela Federici commented on the last months of Gina Lollobrigida’s life and, in particular, her relationship with Andrea Piazzolla. But his words angered Mara Venier. That’s what happened.

disappearance Gina Lollobrigida it was news that shocked the world of Italian entertainment and beyond. In each program of various schedules, a place was dedicated to a diva. also in living life conductor Alberto Matano wanted to pay tribute to him by inviting guests such as Marisela Federici. However, the noblewoman made several comments that did not please the TV presenter. Mara Venierwho called on the live program to speak out against the woman.

La Vita in Diretta, learn in chaos at the call of Mara Venier

He was also present in the studio among pundits. Marisela Federiciwho, speaking about the last months of the diva’s life and relations with Andrew Piazzollathe man who took care of her in recent years and was like a son commented:

“I find it all very sad: at this age, loneliness is double, and you are psychologically dependent, and she could no longer live without him. The main characters know the truth of this tragicomedy. I know the other side of Andrea.”

The words that caused the wrath of the TV presenter Mara Venierdeciding to call the program live and say what she thinks of heartless words Fredericks:

“I don’t understand your attitude. You’re talking about a tragicomic situation, but there’s nothing funny about it, my dear. Maybe it’s just you laughing, since I see you laughing. you’re laughing. Gina. Because we lived through this for so many years, and I remember when I interviewed Gina, and in the last interview she told me: “I would like to die in peace” … “

The host continued and harshly attacked the noblewoman, accusing her of be a cynical and heartless woman:

“Your cynicism terrifies me, you do not know the truth. But what do you know about truth, pain and suffering? What do you know about Gina and how close Andrea was with her during these years?

Marisela Federici she was not at all afraid of the feat of anger of the presenter and answered with sarcasm, throwing out even more anger Mara Venier that she decided to hang up the phone, tired of fighting off such an insensitive person.

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