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Post: M. Night Shyamalan in Rome for “Knock on the Door”: “Only films with light and dark establish a relationship with the viewer”


“Knocking at the Cabin” arrives in theaters on February 2 directed by M. Night Shyamalan, who is passing through Italy to promote the film.

The new film takes place in an isolated cabin in the woods. M. Night Shyamalanin original Knock on the cabinin Italian Knock on the door.
The director carries on his shoulders the pride and weight of having staged this masterpiece at the age of 29. Sixth Sensehis third film, released in 1999. FROM Invulnerable 2000 managed to keep the art at a very high level, demonstrating with authority that he can manage the aesthetics, storytelling, and deep meaning of a superhero-themed story in an original way, long before the genre exploded. After the fluctuating results of the following years, Shyamalan he found himself and his relationship with his audience in 2015 through horror films Visitwhich they followed split, Glass, Old and great series Servantsthe fourth and final season of which has just been released on Apple TV+.

The Indian-born and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-raised filmmaker is en route to Italy to promote his new thriller, a story in which worry and uncertainty they are holding court. As expected of him.
Knock on the door, from February 2 in the cinema, talks about a little girl relaxing in a house in the woods with her two dads. Four strangers with primitive weapons in their hands appear in their hut and say something clearly out of their mind. Breaking through, they ask the family to make a tragic and unthinkable choice, as they believe this is the only way to avoid the imminent apocalypse. They are part of the cast Dave Bautista, Jonathan Groff, Ben Aldridge And Rupert Grint.

Shyamalan: ‘Knock on the Door’ idea is very reminiscent of the image

On the evening of Saturday 21 January M. Night Shyamalan met with the audience at a screening of the film organized at the Troisi cinema in Rome (pictured above, he is shown in one of the premises of the building), and the morning of Sunday 22nd was devoted to a meeting with journalists. “My daughters are all grown up and about to leave home and this movie represents the fear of the world when someone knocks on the door.” explains the director at a press conference, directly touching on the metaphor of the film. Knock on the door he actually goes much further in the story he tells, with biblical references applied to the idiosyncrasies of modernitywhich is not good to write about now, in order to preserve the viewing pleasure for those who want to get there as ignorantly as possible.

“I am fascinated by religious mythology and wonder how it could manifest itself today if it were a reality, especially when you realize that biblical characters are ordinary people” tells Shyamalanspecifying how important and exciting it is for him “to write and explore a storyline of people who up to a certain point felt insignificant, and then there is a mission, something that gives meaning to what they have to do.”“. Actually Knock on the door this is a movie about choice themea comparison between characters who have already made a choice and others who must make it.

Director who contributed to the script, signed Steve Desmond And Michael Shermantaken from the novel House at the end of the world From Paul Tremblayhe says that “The premise of this story was very evocative” and that she liked how the original lyrics used elements of fear, containment, and the supernatural. Shyamalan however, he emphasizes that he wanted to transfer his vision to the screen, which is partially different from the book, especially in the last act. “It is in the balance between light and darkness, pain and joy that relations with the public are established, because sugary things do not correspond to reality” concludes the director. And, as happened with his previous films, light and dark they are also present in this film, in which the barrier between the family and the outside world is a pivot that needs to be considered in order to understand what can really help the evolution of our species.
Below Trailer for “Knock on the Door”.

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