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Post: Doctors frightened Volochkova with the results of the examination


Doctors frightened Volochkova with the results of ultrasound and x-rays after an injury

MOSCOW, January 20 – RIA Novosti. Doctors frightened Anastasia Volochkova with the results of ultrasound and x-rays. The ballerina visited the clinic after a hip injury. He shared a video from the doctor’s office.

Anastasia Volochkova and sports doctor, orthopedic traumatologist Zurab Ordzhonikidze
Anastasia Volochkova on x-ray
“I did not think that ultrasound and X-ray diagnosis would be so scary. I did not expect to see such a terrible result. I am crying,” the celebrity complained on her social network.

However, he did not disclose his diagnosis.

A few weeks ago, Volochkova complained of pain in the ligaments in the thigh area. According to him, the cause of the injury was physical activity in the last months of last year. Still, she continued to do ballerina splits while she was resting in the Maldives.

The artist had previously reacted to rumors that she had an affair with a Tajikistani taxi driver. He said that his ex is not a driver, but owns a fleet of luxury cars.

Source: Ria

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